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Manelly Zepeda

How to be A Latin Lover

Manelly is an actress born (January 12, 2007) from San Juan Texas. She is attending 5th Grade at Sorensen elementary in PSJA ISD, and is fluent in English and Spanish. She has long brown hair, brown eyes, slim physique, weighs 59.6 lbs., is 4ft 10 in tall, is a size 10 for dress and size 4 for shoes. Manelly likes to box, play Tennis and Chess, Model, Act, Sing, Dance, do Runway shows, and loves to read and be at the top of her class in almost every category.

Manelly had her breakout moment in 2016 when she was cast as "Young Sara," the young versiĆ³n of Salma Hayek in the Lionsgate film, "How to be a Latin Lover." The casting took place at PSJA HS, in San Juan Texas, and according to Eugenio Derbez, Manelly was chosen from over more than 800 girls from different parts of the country. After filming on 2 separate occassions in Santa Clarita, California, Manelly was invited to walk the Red Carpet in Hollywood and in Mexico City, for the Premieres, meeting many celebrities, doing many interviews and taking many photos. Manelly has been very busy since then, landing Film jobs on Spiderman Homecoming (As background), played Isabel in sin Derecho a Fianza (Sergio Reynoso), The Ball (as Herslef-Short), played Luz in El Sueno Americano (By Alex Serlof), played Hanna (Machina Films) in Somos Sus Amos, worked on "Tras la Montana," with Sergio Reynoso.

She also has done some major Commercials, for H-E-B Regreso a Clases 2017 (on Univision, Telemundo, and Radio), worked on a PSA (Public Service Announcement for the Texas Attourney General) aired on all channels during news broadcasts, and a Commercial for South Texas Bank aired on all South Texas local Channels. Manelly recently did her first VoiceOver for Web Series New Sky Kids- In October 2017 She also just had the honor of introducing, Jose Hernandez, a retired Hispanic Astronaut that was the guest speaker at the TABE State Conference for Dual Language programs in the state of Texas, she was then invite by Mr. Hernandez to read his book as he might use Manelly in a movie about his life, also produced and directed by Eugenio Derbez. Manelly has had many interviews on all of the local Radio, Web, and TV Stations and has come out on issues of the local news papers and magazines featuring her accomplishments and work.

Mannelly has the following jobs coming up as well:

  • FILM "El Boxeador" (Daughter of Pablo Montero) Bellcan Productions (Films October 2017)
  • FILM "Vacaciones De Terror" (Cristina-LEAD) Bellcan Productions (Films Sept. 2017)
  • FILM "SPARK" (Julie- LEAD) (Machina Films- Films Dec. 2017) FILM "BREED" (Angelina-Supporting) (Rumored - Announced for Nov. 2017)
  • FILM "MARIE" (Christina-LEAD) Bellcan & INWO Films) 2018
  • FILM "The Containment" (Caroline-LEAD) (Avanti Pictures & INWO FILMS) 2018